What Is The Emotion Code®?​

"Created by author Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret) after many years as a holistic chiropractor and teacher. 

The Emotion Code® is designed to help you:

* Resolve physical discomfort

* Ease emotional wounds

* Conquer self-doubt

* Restore love to relationships

* Break cycles of self-sabotage

Dr. Nelson discovered that his patients' aches and pains were often associated with "Trapped Emotions", or negative emotional energy trapped in a person's body.

The Emotion Code was designed to help release Trapped Emotions, facilitating physical and emotional balance so you can live healthier, happier life!"


Introduction and Heart-Wall

A Heart-Wall:

* Trapped emotions build a "bomb shelter"

* Good temporary protection

Results of Heart-Wall:

* Love messages tainted

* Hurt relationships

and more....

Emotion Code® Testimonial 

An Exposed Trapped Emotion Can be Released With: 

* Energy: Intention

* Physics: Magnetic Energy

* Science: Acupuncture System

What is a Trapped Emotion?

A Trapped Emotion:

* A ball of vibrating energy

* Size of orange or cantaloupe

* Most people have hundreds

The Origin of Trapped Emotions in Animals- Discover Healing

Using the Emotion Code® to Effectively Help Both Pets and Wild Animals Heal from Emotional Trauma.

* The biggest causes of health problems for animals 

* How to find out what's wrong with your pet

and more....

How To Get The Emotion Code and How To 

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